Kriljevo Village is Now Ethnically Clean Too

Kriljevo Village is Now Ethnically Clean Too
Saturday 12/06/2008 :: Presse release

The last Serbs in the village Kriljevo, near Kosovska Kamenica in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, were found dead in their house on Friday, December 5, 2008.
Municipal President Boban Jevtić told Serbian media that Stanko (77) and Stanica (74) had been murdered and that he was notified of the discovery by the Kosovo Albanian police, which has cordoned off the entrance to the village.

He told Kosovo-Metohija Radio that he received information from the trusted sources that the elderly couple was, indeed, killed in their own house.

“I have learned this from the eyewitness whom I prefer not to name for his own safety, but he saw them being murdered,” Jevtic said.

Kosovo Albanian police spokesman Ismet Hashani, however, immediately issued an official statement claiming that the couple died “of natural causes”.

He would not respond to the Kosovo-Metohija Radio reporter’s question, how often does it happen that two old people die of natural causes on the very same day.

“Someone was Banging at their Doors and Windows Every Night…”
According to the residents of the neighboring Serbian village Strezovci, an Albanian who had discovered the bodies had said that the entrance doors to their house were unlocked.

“When he entered, he found Stanko’s body on the bed, and Stanica’s near the window. They were both dead. He was the one who called the police and the whole village has been blocked since. The EULEX investigators are in there with the Albanian police. The next of kin were informed and, as they told us, they did not want the police taking the bodies to autopsy before they come,” Strezovci villagers said, stressing that they have “no doubts that old Bogdanovics were murdered, since there are a lot of robberies around here, especially of the elderly Serbs who live alone.”

Late Bogdanovic’s niece was not allowed to see the bodies of her aunt and uncle, nor did the Albanian police allow her to enter their house.

“Uncle Stanko complained several weeks ago about the threats they are getting and that someone is banging at their windows and doors every night, but he couldn’t see who,” she told Glas Javnosti, preferring not to give her name, since she lives in Kosovo province and fears for the rest of her family.

Family Demands Autopsy by the Serbian Pathologists
Today, according to the RTS, family of the late Stanko and Stanica Bogdanovic has refused to accept their bodies which were brought on Saturday afternoon from Pristina, where the autopsy was performed. Bogdanovic’s cousins believe the elderly couple did not die of natural causes, as the Albanian police claims, and they are requesting the approval for additional autopsy to be performed in Serbia proper, in Vranje or Belgrade.

Bogdanovic’s niece confirmed for Belgrade media that the Albanian police had brought over the bodies of Stanko and Stanica and left them in plastic bags in front of the gates of her house, without the autopsy report.

“After we insisted to get an autopsy report before accepting the bodies, an hour ago a report was brought to us, but only in Albanian and in English which we don’t understand and could not accept,” she told Serbian media.

A group of people has gathered in front of the Stankovic family members’ house in Korminjan village on Saturday afternoon.